Different Streetwear Fashion Looks Around the World

Different Streetwear Fashion Looks Around the World in 2024

When it comes to streetwear, every country around the world has a different style. Although these styles have a wide range of variations, there is a certain recognizable nature to each style. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the different kinds of streetwear fashion from across the world.

The United States

Although there are plenty of different streetwear styles across the U.S., the streetwear that can be found in the big fashion areas such as New York and California tend to be taken directly from skater culture as well as hip hop culture. Looks that involve comfortable casuals are the key here. For a skater style, combine loose-fitting baggy jeans with a graphic T-shirt and a beanie hat, such as those found at Clothes by Graham in a wide variety of different colors, like this Pink Beanie Hat.

Pink Beanie Hat

If you’re more into a hip hop kind of look, baggy jeans or sweatpants are also a popular option. Oversized hoodies can work, but cropped hoodies are an awesome way to pull off a more feminine hip hop vibe with your outfit, such as the Heather Grey Crop Hoodie from Clothes By Graham, which is also available in other colors. Both the skater and the hip hop style can be made complete by some carefully chosen accessories, helping you achieve that American streetwear look.

Heather Grey Crop Hoodie

South Korea

It’s impossible to discuss global streetwear trends without mentioning South Korea. The South Korean culture has exploded in popularity lately, with everything from Korean dramas to music and food taking center stage, and this also extends to fashion. There are numerous inspirations to be found in Korean street wear - including the aforementioned American styles like hip hop - but the rise in popularity of South Korean culture has led to a more unique and individual kind of streetwear that incorporates both modern clothing styles and retro ones as well as a wide range of particular fashion combinations, such as punk and varsity, to name just a few. There is often a theme of “rebellion” within Korean streetwear, particularly in the city of Seoul, where fashion is at its peak. Bright colors, athletic sports gear and fashionable headwear such as bucket hats are all elements that are used within the Korean streetwear market, but the versatility of this particular fashion scene means that there are tons of ways to incorporate South Korean streetwear into your wardrobe.

United Kingdom

When it comes to streetwear in the UK, the main hub of the fashion scene is found in the major cities dotted across the country, such as Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff and London. London streetwear also takes cues from the skate and hip hop cultures - much like Korean and American streetwear styles - but there is that quintessential British vibe that is emphasized by core pieces such as British band t-shirts, chunky sweaters, distressed jeans and biker boots. Like many types of streetwear, there is also a focus on athletic wear, such as hoodies - usually adorned with graphic designs - as well as sweat pants and sneakers. The recurring theme that transcends all countries and cities is combining comfort with style in this manner, and the United Kingdom is no exception to this.

United Kingdom


Much like Korean streetwear, Japanese streetwear has become hugely popular all over the world. This phenomenon began way back in the 1970s and 1980s, where the rebellious Japanese youth would use their fashion as a statement of defiance toward their elders. This particular cultural fashion takeover was at its peak during the 1990s and 2000s, but there is still a strong sense of Japanese streetwear in the fashion world. A combination of both external, foreign brands and local ones, there is a certain uniqueness to Japanese streetwear that is often considered eccentric or extreme.

There are a variety of street fashion styles that originated in Japan, such as Lolita fashion, which has become something of a stereotype thanks to its ultra-feminine look made up of frilly skirts, dresses and blouses; Decora, a cutesy and colorful layered look with tons of accessories; and Ganguro, a very early 2000s look that consisted of spray tan, bleached hair, white eyeliner, short skirts and platform shoes. These are only a few of the popular Japanese streetwear styles that have been highly popular at various times. There is no doubt that Japan is one of the most influential countries in terms of fashion and streetwear, popularizing many looks over the years.