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Our Story

 Hi there! I'm Shawn, the founder of Clothes By Graham. Where we offer premium essentials at everyday prices for effortless style. But before I get into that. Let me tell you why I started this brand.
In 2019 I was struggling to find essentials I liked. I wanted essentials that looked and felt great and were a fair price. I was amazed this was actually a problem and thought I was being too picky or was really bad at using the internet to search for things. But I found I had two options. Buy cheap clothes that shrink, fade, and don't last, or overpay for decent clothes. I couldn't find a brand that offered quality clothing for a fair price. I asked my friends if they had a brand they'd recommend and turns out, a lot of my friends were facing the same issue. 
So I took matters into my own hands and that is when Clothes By Graham was born. With a simple mission: To provide premium essentials, at everyday prices, for effortless style.
If we can't produce a product that fits our mission. we don't sell it. Period.