Fashion Inspirations For Women’s Street Fashion

Fashion Inspirations For Women’s Street Fashion in 2024

Women’s fashion is an ever-changing part of the industry. Many of the styles have been timeless in showing off style, class and beauty. But like all new trends and inventions, the ideas behind them are often deep-rooted in something else that causes these styles to spring into life.

Surfer wear

Another offshoot of the California surf culture can be found in the emergence of surfer wear. Surfing became increasingly popular in the 1950s, going mainstream in the '60s and later growing to become a professional sport in the 1970s. The '60s heralded several beachfront promotions throughout the decades, such as Elvis Presley’s appearance on Blue Hawaii causing a wave of interest to crash into surfing, which brought forth the emergence of small surfer wear brands. Not too long after this, surfing gear was a big hit, which eventually led to the hit series Baywatch. Thanks to additional room for creativity in women’s outfits, women could take to the streets sporting surfer and bikini tops in their outfits.

The Classic-casual Remix

This mix is one of the original foundations from which streetwear came, with origins also in the Californian surf culture. A mix-and-match of the old and the new often sees fashion outfits with different attire that somehow still fits the part. The mixing of different types of items with surfer wear then ricocheted into other fashion styles. Shorts, tees, baggy jeans, graphic styles and high-end watch brands such as Rolex and Omega were all used to style a single outfit. This approach is often very unique to the individual, meaning it’s extremely rare to see two different people in the same outfit. For fashion lovers looking for the opportunity to express their own style in a fit only for them, this is how it was done.

The Classic-casual Remix

The more formal platform shoes have been based heavily on previous designs. Stilettos are a timeless choice that has been reintroduced time and time again. But, other women’s footwear has been ever-changing. In decades gone by, women would rarely wear shoes other than short heels and flat shoes with outfits, which is a preference that has been thrown out lately. The option of wearing sneakers has also become prevalent since the 1970s, and this has been attributed to the popularity of sports such as running, jogging and basketball. Basketball shoes are now a household fashion item not only in menswear but women's fashion, too.

Sporty? Or Just Comfort?

As the choice of comfort further evolved over the years, it led to the sweatshirt and leggings combination we see everywhere and anywhere in recent years. The unlikely match-up has meant women could now wear sporty and casual attire in their everyday endeavors, making them more comfortable throughout the day and eliminating the need to bring a change of clothes for their trips to the gym. Over time, this trend branched out and stuck in fashion as women began to wear leggings with heels and sandals. This proved to be an attractive option for everyday and party outfits that would become widely adopted over time. Now, hoodies and hooded crop tops, such as this Pink Crop top, are a common companion for leggings.

Dark Academia Style

This is a style developed in more recent years that has roots in classical Greek architecture, writing and arts along with various Gothic ideals infused within the mix. The term came to be around 2015 on Tumblr, where the "Dark Academia" began rising in popularity among the younger generation. At first, the trend had very little to do with fashion and more to do with fandom of entertainment such as Harry Potter and symbolism relating to characters. The early days of Dark Academia merely resembled more of an internet-based community than anything else before it began branching out.

Dark Academia Style

Later, the community members began expressing their beliefs through their choice and mix of fashion attire. Chosen outfits often had high-end vintage dress styles from different eras, with fabrics including cashmere, linen and tweed. The approach was quite minimalistic as a priority was placed on the items worn rather than any patterns or added visual graphics. Any additional items, such as bracelets, pendants, rings and watches, were also included despite not playing a central role in an outfit. Much of the inspiration for this style of outfit came from the 1940s prep school uniforms involving elbow-patched blazers, pleated skirts and striped ties. Darker colors are the main emphasis with this trend, which has been the cause of a surge in colors such as beige in women’s fashion.