How to Achieve the Smart Monochrome Fashion Style for Men

How to Achieve the Smart Monochrome Fashion Style for Men in 2024

Monochrome is big news this season, with everyone who is anyone wearing this fashion trend. The right balance with monochrome can look stunning, but if you don’t wear the style correctly, it can look boring or even odd. Here are some great ways to achieve a smart monochrome fashion style for men and look your best in the autumn/winter of 2023.

Choose a tertiary color

This will give you a base from which to create your overall look. Blue, gray, green and brown are great autumn colors, and black is a color option that is always in style. Once you have your base outfit, you can liven your appearance up with a splash of color, such as a tie, shoes, or belt.


Wearing monochrome does not mean that you can’t use shading. Matching a lighter and darker monochrome together for your pants and top can be a good way to add variety to your appearance while still creating that base color image you have chosen. A great way to use shading is by wearing a darker tone on the areas of your body you want to remain hidden and accentuating your best features with a lighter tone. Generally, lighter tones look better on top and darker shades suit the bottom half better.

Base your color choice on your skin tone

Your skin tone will often dictate the shade you wear to give a monochrome effect. Try on a few different colors and see what looks best on you. If a color seems to make you look tired and washed out, this is usually because it clashes with your skin tone. A well-matched monochrome and skin tone should make you look radiant and show you at your best.

Double Denim

Even if you are going for the monochrome look, double denim is always going to be a bad idea. Leave the 1980s in the 1980s and team blue denim with a cotton shirt or t-shirt of a similar color, such as this Navy V-Neck T-Shirt, to avoid looking dated.

How to Wear Monochrome

Once you have chosen the color you want to use as your base, you will need to think about how to make sure that it looks fantastic on you by wearing your color the stylish way and taking care when choosing your accessories.


Brown is an interesting color because there are so many different shades, so it can be used to create a lot of different styles. Wear a beige turtleneck sweater with a darker shade of brown for your jacket and pants. This will create a thoughtful, artistic image that is stylish without being too stark. Team with dark brown shoes to finish off this style perfectly. If you are looking for a smarter effect, you can use a beige shirt instead and finish this off with a patterned tie that suits the autumnal shade well.


Green is a lovely color, but it is not great for formal wear. This is the shade to try if you do not need to wear a suit to the office every day. It can look stunning in a pants and jumper ensemble, with a piece like this Green Mens Crew Neck Jumper. Opt for a deep shade of jade green which will look lovely in the autumn/winter season. For a slightly more formal appearance, you could match it with a light green shirt and a darker tie. Brown or black shoes will complete the look.


Darker gray, such as this Grey V-Neck T-Shirt, will give you a professional image for work. If you need to look super formal, team it with a black tie, black shoes, and a black belt. This will add a different tone without upsetting the boss. Do not over-accessorize as this will tone down your uber-professional image too much. A white button-down shirt will complete the look and help you to make the deal of a lifetime.


Nothing says stylish and sophisticated like black. For a formal occasion, wear a black suit with a black tie and stark white shirt. Always wear a black suit with black shoes to avoid looking odd and distracting the eye of the beholder downwards. A black suit should not be accessorized as you will want to keep the formal image intact.

For a more casual smart image, wear black pants and a black turtleneck sweater. This will make you look stylish and sophisticated without being too formal. A pair of black sunglasses will complete the look.

Follow these tips to achieve a smart monochrome fashion style for men.