How To Bring A Streetwear Edge to Modest Fashion

How To Bring A Streetwear Edge to Modest Fashion in 2024

The rise and rise of modest fashion is bringing a more considered (and covered up) approach to fashion. According to Pinterest, searches of "modest fashion" shot up by 500 percent in a year. This increased interest, combined with the fact that more designers are taking on the concept of modest fashion, means it’s a growing movement in the fashion industry.

So, what exactly is modest fashion? Modest fashion means clothing that is designed to conceal the body rather than show it off or accentuate its form, whether it is for reasons of religion, spirituality, preference or simply comfort. While modest fashion can be interpreted in so many ways, one thing is for certain: just because you choose to cover up parts of your body or wear bigger silhouettes doesn’t mean you don’t want to look stylish. And because there is no one set interpretation of modest fashion, as long as you are aware of concealing parts of your body, there is still plenty of room to get creative. Let's look at how to bring a streetwear edge to modest fashion.


It’s the biggest trend of 2022 to 2023 and shows no signs of going anywhere soon. The athleisure trend can be a great way to marry streetwear and modest fashion while staying in style. Track pants or joggers are no longer confined simply to the gym or the sports stadium. Track pants are comfortable and modest but can be a surprising alternative to jeans. Style them with sportswear on top, such as a bomber jacket or hoodie - or even a nice top if you're daring and want to create an unexpected element. To add even more edge, why not try faux leather joggers or style your trusty joggers with heels?


Another trick to helping you achieve a modest fashion look with a streetwear edge is to layer. Take a great vest top, bandeau or tube top and layer it on top of a long-sleeved top for instant edge while staying covered up. Great basics are vital to this look. You could also try an oversized slogan t-shirt worn over a long-sleeved sweatshirt, such as our crewneck sweatshirt



Play with textures

Add an edge to your outfit while covering up by playing around with textures. Mix denim with velvet, leather with mohair or even denim with more denim. This will instantly add interest to your look and keep it fresh and unexpected. Denim on denim is also a great way to capture the '90s street style that has been making big fashion waves this year. Denim is no longer confined to jeans, either, so try long denim dresses or skirts with a denim shirt over the top.

Take it to the max

Try teaming a pretty, feminine maxi skirt with a chunky oversized hoodie for a cool, laid-back street vibe. Add a pair of sneakers or chunky tennis shoes to complete the look. An oversized hoodie is a must-have for the modest fashion wardrobe, acting as a versatile cover-up that provides comfort and style. Try Clothes By Graham’s Bone Women's Hoodie to achieve the look. Throw a bomber jacket over the top for extra style points.

Accessorize well

Accessories are super important when it comes to achieving a streetwear edge while keeping it modest. Think chunky gold jewelry layered up around your neck or a ring stack on your fingers to instantly add an edge, or try adding some headgear, such as a beanie hat or a cap like this Pink Dad Hat.

An oversized shirt

An easy way to cover up and achieve a streetwear edge is to throw on an oversized shirt, whether it's military khaki or checked. This works well over a top and joggers, jeans or even a maxi dress.

A great jacket

Choose a fabulous jacket to wear on top of your outfits. A bomber jacket is a versatile transitional piece that also creates a great silhouette. Try this Green Women's Bomber Jacket, which is also available in black.

Suit up

Try a suit to cover up while looking cool. Who says suits must be boring? A bright and bold suit with an oversized blazer that you can wear again and again is a great look. Think hot pink or bright turquoise to really make a statement. Wear with chunky sneakers, a cross-body bag and chunky gold jewelry and you’ve got yourself a great modest fashion look.