Streetwear Meets Contemporary Fashion

Streetwear Meets Contemporary Fashion in 2024

More and more designers have been merging streetwear with contemporary fashion to create an urban luxe style that is incredibly wearable. At its heart are relaxed fits creating oversized silhouettes and shapes.

The origins of streetwear

Streetwear was originally a throwaway term that was used to describe casual, comfortable clothing. The style first gained prominence towards the end of the 1970s, growing in popularity during the 1980s and bursting out as a huge global trend during the 1990s.

It is widely accepted that the style was born in the United States, with many elements being traced back to the hip hop culture in New York City. It is believed California surfers also had a part to play, with designers taking influence from their relaxed, laid-back styles.

The streetwear style has undergone many incarnations over the years. Influencers have continually added their own twists to the style, from punk aesthetics, heavy metal, and new wave trends to Japanese street fashion. Established fashion, legacy and sportswear brands have also thrown their own influence into the mix, including Adidas, Fila, Kangol, Dr. Martens, and Schott NYC.

Today, designers continue to use the streetwear style as a basis for designs, combining it with contemporary elements ranging from trendy cuts and patterns to relevant, forward-thinking, or eco-friendly materials. These contemporary fashions range from simple Black Sweat Shorts to graphic t-shirts and button-through shirts. There are a host of options for both men and women, including dresses, sneakers, tracksuits, denims, and jackets.

Black Sweat Shorts

Society influencing style

The beauty of many items that result from the collision between streetwear and contemporary fashion is that a lot of garments and trends are influenced by society rather than isolated designers. Urban style is appealing because of the way it has its roots in neighborhoods and real life rather than simply in the minds of privileged, middle-class designers. Streetwear offers interesting, relatable seeds of inspiration that can then be used to grow wider ideas that can exist within the competitive world of contemporary fashion. Designers can - and do - use this inspiration to create garments and whole collections that can be marketed to a much wider audience than purer urban styles that have been retained by the surfers, skaters, and hip-hop aficionados.

How can you wear streetwear?

You may think that streetwear is only for the young, the urban cool kid, or the adrenaline-rush sports enthusiast, but the way in which its ethos is constantly mixed with contemporary trends often offers a diluted version that can transcend all sorts of style boundaries. This makes for much more wearable styles that all ages and types of people can enjoy without feeling the need to start listening to hip top or strap a surfboard or mountain board to the roof of your car. This is a way to wear street styles without feeling like a fish out of water - or a skateboarder without a board!

Go graphic

One of the most wearable ways to inject an element of style is to think about graphic prints. These can be added in all sorts of ways, from a suit with an urban-print tie to wearing an oversized, printed sweater with your favorite jeans.

Subtle street

Everyday Crew Neck T-Shirt

If graphic prints feel too loud or "young" for you, there are extremely subtle streetwear elements that you can add to your wardrobe. Stick to plain colors and concentrate on street shapes. The great thing is that these baggy garments are hugely wearable, whatever your age or core style. Pieces like the Everyday Crew Neck T-Shirt can look amazing with everything from denim shorts to leggings, while everyone can find comfort and versatility in a neutral-colored hoodie, such as this Black Men's Hoodie.

Get a-head

Another super-easy way to add street style to your wardrobe is with the addition of a baseball cap. These can be worn by men, women, and children of all ages and are as practical as they are good looking. Check out our Black Dad Hat. If caps aren’t for you, maybe a Beanie would be a better style choice. These are great in the colder months and as the perfect antidote to bad hair days.

Show off your inner self with outerwear

Lightweight Windbreakers

There is no shortage of designers combining streetwear styles with contemporary fashions to create extremely wearable outerwear options. The sheer choice on offer makes it easy to find the right options for you, whether you are in the market for a huge, oversized, thick padded coat or a more understated jacket, such as our Lightweight Windbreakers.