Top 10 Brands for Mens T-Shirts

Top 10 Brands for Mens T-Shirts in 2024

T-shirts are among the most versatile garments you can have in your closet and have a place at any time of the day or year. They have a myriad of uses, from keeping you dry and cool as you work out to wearing under a jacket for a semi-casual office look. A plain White T-Shirt will never go out of fashion, while a stylish Black Tee will never make you look anything but fashionable. This is why so many brands make t-shirts a staple part of their collections and why there has never been more choice for you when it comes which ones will be rocking your closet next. The trouble is deciding which ones to buy, and this is why we have compiled our top ten t-shirt brands guide to help you out.

What to look for in a great t-shirt

Before we get down to brand basics, it’s important to know how we judge a great tee and the brands behind them. Basically, we believe that the very best men’s t-shirts are made using premium fabrics to ensure they stay looking and feeling great all day long. They are also well-cut to offer stylish, flattering fits, and sometimes feature added technology, such as those designed to wick away your sweat.

We ensure that every t-shirt we sell meets the high standards we compare other brands to, and we know that we are right up there when it comes to the quality and design of our tees. We know that you will also enjoy knowing what else is out there, however, so here’s our roundup of some of the other leaders in the world of t-shirt design and creation.

What to look for in a great t-shirt

1. Everlane

Everlane specializes in partnering with ethical factories around the world to create items such as their renowned Air Crew Tee. Hyper-minimalism is the order of the day, combining modern approaches with high-quality materials to create looks for all occasions.

2. James Perse

The James Perse t-shirt line was launched in 1994 with an emphasis on creating a combination of casual and lux appeal. The brand’s short sleeve V-neck t-shirt is a force to be reckoned with in the style stakes. It is synonymous with the brand’s upscale loungewear credentials, perfectly balancing high-end style with laid-back appeal.

3. Calvin Klein

If you’re looking for the ultimate in basic t-shirt style, you will never go wrong with something from one of the Calvin Klein collections. These are among the best no-fuss undershirts around and look just as good worn simply with jeans. They are available in multipacks for convenience but never require a compromise when it comes to quality, cut or appearance.

4. Carhartt

You may think of construction crews when the name Carhartt pops into your head, but trendsetters have discovered the brand and its t-shirts are bulldozing their way into closets around the land. They are comfortable and durable, and the company’s trademark tee rocks a boxy style made from a blend of polyester and cotton. Just be aware that the fit is designed to be large, so you might want to go a size smaller than you would normally wear.

5. Under Armour

If you’re looking for a workout t-shirt, it's hard to go wrong with an Under Armour Tactical Tech T-Shirt with all its sweat-wicking, BO-fighting power and anti-chaff flatlock seams.

6. Brooklinen

The Prospect Tee from the newbies at Brooklinen is a world away from the quality bedding that the brand originally started to produce, yet it makes use of the comfort credentials of the company and offers a no-scratch, light jersey feel that makes it a winner during downtime.

7. Uniqlo

Uniqlo is a Japanese brand that has amassed a cult following around the world and offers affordable basics such as its popular Supima cotton tee made using special processes to create more texture but less scuffing.

8. Rhone

Garments like Rhone’s Element t-shirt combine the functionality of exercise wear with fashionable credentials to create tees that you can enjoy all day long.

9. Buck Mason

The designers at Buck Mason are the masters of vintage pocket t-shirts that will make you look great, whether you are in the office or at the mall.

10. Sunspel

English retailer Sunspel may have been founded in 1860, but there is nothing outdated about its tees. If you’re looking for a tailored tee made from high-end materials and using superb construction methods, you won’t do much better than a Sunspel Cotton Jersey t-shirt.