Trending Men’s Apparel 2021

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Fashion styles and trends often change with the seasons. Keeping up with what’s popular can be exhausting at times, but some of us have to do it. It’s a must for influencers and fashion brands who need to keep an eye out to avoid getting left behind. In addition, the everyday fashion enthusiast would hate to be showing off last year’s trend. In that spirit, here are some of the top trends of 2021:

Bombers From The '70s

Originally created as work attire for the U.S. Navy and Air Force, bomber jackets had a rise in popularity as a fashion item during the mid-1900s and have now become a timeless piece of attire. After remaining slightly out of the spotlight for a few years, it has made its resurrection in the spring and summer of 2021. The most talked-about style is the cropped version of the jacket. A host of top-end brands have popular designs of all colors and styles on the market this year, and fashion enthusiasts are simply eating them up. This Black Men's Bomber Jacket is an example of the simple yet popular bomber jacket.

Some old fabrics that were popular with this attire seem to be making a comeback from the era, including corduroy and caramel leather. These two types of material exploded onto the market in the '70s and were being used for such a wide array of products - such as clothing, bags, car seats and furniture - that they became a staple wardrobe item. It appears they will soon become a staple again, if the influx of items made of these fabrics by fashion brands this year is any indication.

A Flare of Neon

Neon clothing won’t be limited to festivals this season. Major fashion magazines anticipated neon attire outshining many others this year, and they were right. Neon designs hit the market in serious numbers in mid-2021. Several mainstream brands have been caught red-handed sporting neon garments, and it's a pretty diverse list. From orange shoes to green long-sleeved shirts, the trend appears to be taking off and will likely have peaked for the year this summer. Festival-goers will have no qualms finding new stylish and colorful outfits this year, such as this neon orange beanie. The younger generations are largely opting for a more bright and conspicuous style that will draw attention. After all, bright neon colors are hard to miss.

This is one of the first times in recent years that neon has been incorporated into so many types of attire for men on such a wide scale at the top end of fashion, but there's no telling whether the trend will last for seasons to come.

Super-size Me

A big memory from decades past is looking to make a comeback: oversized clothing. This winter, overcoats and puffer jackets are becoming sought-after as the season changes. An overcoat offers the option to be more flexible and flamboyant with what is worn underneath, and fashion stylists often love the opportunity to layer up in the colder months of the year. More layers mean more ways to style your outfit. Given the deluge of styles seen so far this year, they are likely to go all-out this fall.

Whether we also see the old-school '90s baggy jeans and oversized T-shirt trend often seen in old movies and music videos from the time remains to be seen, but with so many comebacks, it's difficult to say what will or won’t happen. If we don't see it now, perhaps this will be a resurgence for one of the coming seasons.

A Man of Many Stripes

There's no need to be on Wall Street to show off a stylish pinstriped suit. Striped garments are another style proving to be popular at menswear shows this time around, so it's time to re-embrace the infamous "banker’s outfit". These suits have always been highlighted as the "formal but not too formal" wardrobe choice for functions and have remained a reliable addition to menswear ever since their introduction. However, it’s more than just suits; striped drawstring pants and shirts are here, too. Here is yet another example of an old style showing its pretty face again, but we aren’t complaining. We’re too busy buckling up for a wild ride with these nautical designs.

A Man of Many Stripes

2021 is a year of resurgence for old styles from the past. It seems that fashion from pre-2000 is set to have much more of an influence in future years than trends from the beginning of the decade. We are all on the edge of our seats in anticipation of which other trends will make a comeback this decade.