Workwear For Women: Zip Hoodies

Workwear For Women in 2024: Zip Hoodies

Hoodies have been around for several decades now. They were first made fashionable among skaters and surfers in the 1990s, but they have come a long way since then. These days, they can be worn by anyone who wants to look comfortable and casual. Many people opt to wear them to work or even during the working day. Here are the best reasons that workwear for women should include zip hoodies.

They Look Good Over Work Clothes

When it comes to work clothes, women usually have a lot more options than their male colleagues. For the men, formal workwear consists of a suit and tie. Less-formal workwear usually involves polo shirts and slacks. For us women, there is a whole world of choice. We can opt for the business suit approach, but we can look equally formal with a blouse rather than a blazer. A dress is always a good option because they tend to need less ironing and are easy to throw on in the mornings, not to mention being cheaper to buy. However, you may get a little chilly without a jacket, especially on your commute. A zip hoodie will keep you warm and look good over your clothes, making it a popular choice to wear on the commute to work. However, if you are going to wear a blazer to work as well, it is a good idea to wear a hoodie that is slightly too big as it will sit better over a suit.

They Go with Everything

They Go with Everything

You do not have to worry about color coordination too much with a zip hoodie. They are available in neutral tones that will look good with any color scheme, so you do not need to agonize over your wardrobe in the mornings.

They Are Perfect in Any Weather

A zip hoodie is a wonderful accessory for a warm morning. You know the weather is going to heat up later on in the day, so you won’t really need a jacket then, but there is often still a nip in the air when you leave for work. Grab your zip hoodie before you go, and it will keep you warm on your morning commute. You can take it off when it gets warmer, and it is easy to carry home with you or tie around your waist.

They Are Perfect in Any Weather

On a cold morning, zip hoodies are easy to wear with layers. You can wear a layer or two underneath them and then a big coat over the top. This will keep you warm but means that you can strip off if you get too hot.

After Work

You may need to look formal for work, but if you are meeting friends for dinner or drinks afterward, you may feel a little overdressed in a bar. Zip hoodies are a great way to dress down even the most formal workwear and help you feel more relaxed and ready for an evening of entertainment or a catch-up with your friends. It will keep you warm on your way home, too.

They Are Comfortable

They Are Comfortable

One of the reasons hoodies have stayed in fashion for so long is that they are incredibly comfortable to wear. Zip hoodies are especially comfortable as they can be worn zipped up if you are cold or unzipped if you feel too warm. This is fantastic if you travel to and from work by public transport as you are not in control of the temperature around you. They are great to slouch in, too, so if you have a long commute, you won’t feel too stuffy, and you can relax into your drive or ride on the train comfortably.

They Can Be Used to Advertise Your Workplace

Zip hoodies have become incredibly popular to wear as part of a work uniform. Many people who work in retail, catering, or in the great outdoors are provided with a zip hoodie bearing the company logo to wear. It is great for taking on and off whenever you need to, but it is also a good way of singling you out as staff rather than a customer, and it keeps you looking casual and approachable rather than formal and foreboding. Zip hoodies are a good option for those who work with the general public but aren’t expected to dress formally. They make a great advertising space for the company, too.

Zip hoodies make amazing workwear. Isn’t it time to add one to your working wardrobe?